Is UIITN’s fund safety guaranteed?

As forex trading becomes more popular, more and more brokers are entering the market. So, how does UIITN ensure the safety of its clients’ funds?

Funds are held in segregated client bank accounts with regulated banks.

Funds and assets are never merged with UIITN’s own funds or assets.

UIITN is licensed by the Australian ASIC financial regulator to conduct investment business.

In the unlikely event that UIITN enters liquidation, your funds and assets will be protected by creditors.

UIITN will not use client funds for any commercial activity, including hedging trades with other counterparties (or as their margin for hedging trades).

What will UIITN use clients’ money for?

Unlike banks, investment companies like UIITN need to separate clients’ funds and assets from their own resources. This means we do not allow them to be used in our business activities, and in the event that UIITN becomes insolvent, client funds are fully isolated and protected.

UIITN is authorized by the Australian ASIC financial regulator to conduct investment business. ASIC requires the companies they regulate to hold client funds in separate accounts from their own.

What happens to the money clients deposit with UIITN?

According to the trustee’s arrangement, clients’ funds are held in separate bank accounts. This ensures that the cash remains yours, not UIITN’s. It also means that it is easily identifiable as client funds, so UIITN and its creditors have no liens, retention rights, setoff rights or reservation rights over it.

UIITN has multiple independent bank accounts with reputable high street banks such as Australian banks. They deliberately ensure that client funds are distributed across multiple banks, and do not allow them to be all held in one place.

They can deposit funds into a notice or fixed-term deposit account with notice periods or terms of up to 24 hours. Depositing client funds into a notice or fixed-term deposit account itself does not affect your ability to deal with or withdraw funds from their accounts, but in the event that UIITN becomes insolvent, these amounts will not be lost.

What happens to my money if UIITN enters liquidation?

As all deposits held with us are held in regulated trust accounts for you, in this situation, these deposits are subject to all the legal protections of trust funds.

Unrealized net running profits are also held by us in trust and are usually subject to similar protections for your benefit as the beneficial, and are willing to accept pure CFD trading.


Easy-to-use platform

Fast account opening process

Demo account available

Low costs, zero spreads

Strong customer analysis and advice support

Good customer service with timely response and high professionalism

High level of security

Instant fund withdrawal with T+0 settlement


Limited trading instruments.

Only supports USDT deposits.

Limited investment research tools.


In terms of fees, UIITN offers no withdrawal fees, making it suitable for those who require frequent withdrawals (although your receiving bank and intermediaries may still charge a fee, so frequent withdrawals may not be recommended). UIITN also charges an account inactivity fee, but this fee is only charged when you do not log in to your account for an extended period of time, so it’s not necessary to know the exact amount. As long as you continue to trade, even if it’s just using the demo account, or checking the market trends, you won’t be charged this fee. If you do not intend to use your account anymore, it’s best to close it to avoid unnecessary fees.

In terms of trading costs, UIITN is relatively cheap, as it provides many professional services.


The leverage available for retail accounts is between 1:1 to 1:100. When purchasing orders, it’s important to carefully analyze market risk control to ensure smooth trading.

Demo Trading:

UIITN provides a demo trading feature, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the platform before using real money. The operation of demo trading is identical to real trading, and there are no time limits on the use of demo trading. As a useful tool for beginners, the demo trading mode does not require identity verification, and you can start using it by simply registering.


Overall, UIITN inherits the excellent traditions of CFD platforms, with a wide coverage of tradable markets, a user-friendly platform, and a fast account opening process. UIITN also has its unique advantages, such as 0 withdrawal fees and top-tier financial regulation. However, it is limited in terms of investment analysis tools. Overall, it is still a very good platform.

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