How long has UIITN been established? What is this platform like?

UIITN was established in 2007 by UIIT PTY LTD (UIITN) Group, which released an online trading platform based on PC. It obtained ASIC regulation in Australia on November 8, 2007 (299900). Who is UIITN suitable for? UIITN offers a variety of trading tools, which may be overwhelming for novice traders, especially when using leveraged tools. This platform is more suitable for experienced traders who are familiar with advanced order placement and spread trading, and are accustomed to markets such as cryptocurrency options. Novices can still use the demo account to become familiar with the UIITN application and hide more complex and advanced functions. UIITN’s popular features Flexible order types: UIITN offers various order types, including market orders, limit orders, and risk management tools such as take profit and stop loss. Although slippage may occur, accurate and desired transactions are ensured. Analysis and guidance services: Firstly, UIITN has a first-class team of analysts who provide expert guidance to clients. These analysts have a high reputation in the forex industry and are known for their accurate predictions of market trends, enabling both new investors and trading veterans to excel in trading. Team support anytime: When trading users need assistance using UIITN or have other UIITN questions and inquiries, they can contact customer service through instant messaging in their preferred language, as customer service provides 12-hour online service. UIITN compliance and regulation: UIITN holds a capital markets services license and a business license issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, allowing offline capital market product transactions. UIITN is regulated by the Australian ASIC under UIIT PTY LTD (UIITN) with regulatory number (299900). UIITN Reliability and Safety: UIITN performs excellently in terms of reliability, with stable and normal operation on both mobile and web platforms, providing a good user experience. If users encounter any issues, the company’s support team will provide assistance through various channels in 32 different languages. UIITN User Experience: UIITN has a simple and clean design, making it easy to find the correct tools. It also provides a console for users to query data, and the trading window can switch between assets and pairing combinations, allowing users to trade directly from the screen. Most of the necessary peripheral tools, such as leverage, stop loss, and profit-taking, are located in the same place. Trading (charts and placing orders), funds (deposits and withdrawals), opening and closing positions, and other tools can be accessed from the basic menu. Indicators, types of line charts, and drawing tools are available in the chart window, although these functions may take some time to find. Other useful user experience tools include a free demo account, which can be switched to a live trading screen with just one click. UIITN Summary: UIITN has a practical interface with a wide range of features, providing an attractive trading experience. Platform users can enjoy various financial products CFD, such as cryptocurrencies (trading or not depending on legal regulations), commodities, and forex trading. In addition, users can test their strategies with a permanent and valid demo account, and can easily use it alongside the live trading dashboard. Although UIITN tends to focus on individual investor accounts and does not use a multi-account design, there is still room for improvement in terms of educational resources and fundamental analysis. Nevertheless, when it comes to a powerful and user-friendly platform, UIITN is undoubtedly among the best. UIITN FAQ: Q: What files do I need for account verification? A: The files required for account verification depend on your country of origin and deposit method. Proof of identity and government-issued ID images must be uploaded, and UIITN is committed to ensuring the security of each investor’s account and privacy. Q: What happens to my funds if UIITN goes bankrupt or is liquidated? A: UIITN keeps all user funds in a separate bank account to ensure their safety and to avoid using them in the event of bankruptcy or liquidation. Q: What should I do if my demo account runs out of funds? A: Registering for a new demo account will automatically replenish it to the initial amount. The higher the volume of customer investment goals, the more benefits this feature can bring. In the near future, users will also be able to reset their demo accounts, including all historical records. This will allow for a new experience when operating different trading strategies.

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