Is UIITN regulated?

Regulation is crucial in online trading, as it can establish trust and provide traders with a high level of security. Special standards and conditions must be met to obtain the relevant licenses from national regulatory agencies for CFD brokers. Violating regulations will result in an immediate loss of the license. Therefore, regulated brokers can almost completely eliminate fraudulent activities. UIIT PTY LTD (UIITN) UIITN holds a Capital Markets Services license and a Business license issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), allowing for offline capital market product trading. UIITN is also regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under the name UIIT PTY LTD (UIITN) with the regulatory number 299900. Furthermore, UIITN manages client deposits well. UIITN separates funds from company funds, and brokers have no company or sovereign debt. The company does not invest client funds nor transfer client funds to hedge trading counterparts. Overall, UIITN is a very safe broker that can eliminate fraud. Facts about the safety of client funds: Multiple regulations for CFD brokers Holds an ASIC license for regulation Separates client funds from company funds No debt for the company, high trading liquidity Almost every country has multiple regulations for entering clients What do CFD brokers offer to examine traders? At UIITN, you can trade CFDs on multiple different markets, including currency (forex), commodities, cryptocurrencies, and different assets. This CFD broker offers a very broad range of differentiated markets and constantly tries to expand its product portfolio. Stocks can be traded from over 23 different countries. UIITN offers a reasonable leverage of 1:100, and the higher the leverage, the higher the risk. UIITN provides the most suitable leverage range, which is continuously adjusted based on market spreads. This is a quite low value, significantly better than its competitors. This is another advantage of CFD trading. The platform is open 24/7, and some markets can also be traded on weekends. In addition, UIITN provides a take-profit and stop-loss feature, allowing for better risk management. UIITN has left me with a very good impression through its trading conditions. The market selection is very high, and the trading fees are reasonable, which can further boost UIITN’s reputation. Facts about the UIITN trading platform: Very clear design User-friendly Suitable for both experienced and inexperienced traders Transparent trading Compatible with any device Learn and gain experience using a free demo account The trader’s conditions on the platform: Reasonable leverage of 1:100 Free demo account CFDs on cryptocurrencies, commodities, and forex Analyst guidance services 12-hour professional customer service How good is the UIITN trading platform? The trading platform is independently developed by a broker and is suitable for all devices. You can comfortably control your investment portfolio from home. The trading platform is easy to understand because it has a professional and clear design. However, CFDs are complex financial products. On the other hand, professional traders should become familiar with the platform after adapting for a few minutes. Beginners can learn about trading using the free unlimited demo account. There are also many flexible elements that can adapt to the trader’s trading style. UIITN represents transparency in cost and trading. These are also evident on the trading platform. All trading costs are clearly displayed. Market prices are displayed very clearly so that traders can choose what suits them. Professional charts and analysis can be performed on UIITN Chart analysis and technical analysis are very popular among traders. But to succeed in analysis, you need certain tools. Can UIITN provide them? – The trading platform even provides more than several different chart representations, making it easy to analyze. In my opinion, the well-known candlestick chart is suitable for very professional analysis. According to our experience, the charting on the platform is very good because the charts are displayed very clearly. There are no annoying disconnections or other errors, so successful analysis can be carried out at any time. For analysis, you can also observe the opinions of other traders. UIITN provides a very professional trading platform with a range of settings for every trading style. Facts about charts and analysis: Over several different chart settings Over 40 different indicators Clear charts without disconnections How to trade on UIITN? – Step-by-step trading tutorial Choose your trading market You can choose from different markets on UIITN. Asset categories include commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex. The broker will automatically filter out the most popular assets for you. Additionally, you can set many different filters to search the market yourself. Analyze the asset’s chart on the platform You can analyze the chart history of assets on UIITN. Price charts can be set to different time units. Additionally, popular indicators such as the RSI oscillator can be used. This has already been explained in “Charts and Analysis”. Buy and sell assets directly on the platform On UIITN, you can place orders with CFDs at prices that rise or fall. You can also sell short in any market. The advantage of these CFDs is that there is no expiration date. One-click buying and selling is available. How to trade: Choose your investment amount (Note: Leveraged trading) Quick buy and sell Manage risk through stop loss and take profit limits Close positions with losses or profits. How to open an account with UIITN? You can open your account in seconds using your email and password. However, before making your first deposit, the broker will require more information from you (government-issued ID information). The advantage is that UIITN provides professional customer service and accurate step-by-step guidance for every investor, so mistakes are avoided. Verification using certain documents is mandatory for the account. For this, upload photos of your ID and proof of residence so that you can enjoy all the features of the trading platform. The account opening process only takes a few minutes, and the verification is also done quickly. If you have any questions, customer service is always available to help. Free and unlimited UIITN demo account UIITN provides a free and unlimited demo account for every trader. This is a virtual credit account that simulates real currency trading. Therefore, traders can trade risk-free. Hence, you can extensively test the trading platform and gain new experiences. The account is also suitable for understanding strategies and new markets. The virtual account is filled with $100,000 “game coins”. With just one click, you can switch between the simulated account on the trading platform and the real currency account. Therefore, you don’t need two different accounts. This is a big advantage compared to other providers. How does UIITN deposit and withdraw money? Ensure that your account is fully verified, and withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours on business days (if not verified, or unsure how to verify, customer service can assist). Is there negative balance protection? UIITN has negative balance protection. Past events have shown that the huge gaps in the capital market have become very threatening. CFD brokers have improved their systems. In order to open a position on the platform, the initial and maintenance margin levels must be met. For better risk management, you can use stop-losses, which the broker offers to avoid risks. Review of UIITN fees UIITN may charge different types of fees. We have listed them transparently for you, so you won’t encounter any annoying surprises. There are classic trading fees for every trade, which have a spread (the difference between the buying price and the selling price), depending on the market situation. In addition, (overnight) fees may be charged. The facts about fees: Any spread for open trades Fees that you see transparently on the platform Overnight fees Trading fees Trading Cryptocurrencies and Other New Markets – Innovative CFD Broker On the positive side, UIITN is actively trying to integrate new markets into its trading platform. For example, there are currently over 10 different cryptocurrency assets available for trading. The company is very innovative in this regard. In general, traders always see the latest markets and technologies in the trading field. In these trending markets, it is possible to generate high profits or losses due to high volatility. Here, the advantages of CFDs also come into play, as speculation on price drops is possible without any problems. Innovative Broker: Over 10 different cryptocurrencies Short-selling is possible Innovative and latest trading technology Pioneering analyst team guidance UIITN is constantly expanding its product range Providing 24/7 Support and Service for UIITN Traders UIITN offers complete 24/7 support. This service is available around the clock via email or chat. Unfortunately, the broker does not offer phone support, so the overall rating is slightly reduced. Multiple tests have shown that the support is very fast and competent. In addition, there are enough frequently asked questions provided on the website. All questions should be answered there. Anyone with further questions can write to the best on-site support. This will be answered via chat within seconds. Experience has shown that UIITN’s support provides excellent assistance for the proper functioning of the trading platform. Unfortunately, there are no additional services such as webinars or tutoring. All in all, the support is very reliable and competent. Facts about Support: Provides 24/7 support for traders Different languages Chat, WhatsApp, and email support Huge frequently asked questions section Is UIITN Legitimate? – We Think Yes! – Review for New Investors Ends UIITN has received our explicit recommendation on this page. It is a very large online broker with a lot of trading opportunities. This is very interesting for experienced traders who want to invest with leverage in different markets. In my experience, one can act professionally with this proposer. You can start your trading with simple payment methods and all costs are listed transparently. The whole platform left a very user-friendly and flexible impression on me. Start from the free demo account. Advantages of UIITN: Fully regulated CFD broker Free demo account Innovative platform Wide range of markets No hidden fees 24/7 support Professional analyst service

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